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Default Re: Sprinter Westfalia #248 Refitting

1.The two black rear claddings themselves were easily ripped off of the rear doors with my bare hands. It was and still is (see below pic) the three different adhesives used for their original attachment and subsequent repairs that is a PITA to remove. I will have to finish removing the adhesive with a heavy sanding and priming. Conversely, the larger drivers side panel was very difficult to get off, yet the adhesive mostly came off with a scraper blade mounted in a flush cut tool. I literally had to take a dremel tool and cut the panel into small pieces in order to detach it from the van/adhesive to prevent deforming the underlying side panel.
2. No precurvature of the aluminum needed prior to installation. I simply selected a gauge of aluminum that I figured would bend relatively easily to the existing body side panel curvature.

You are correct, there was nothing wrong with the passenger side window. My new interior layout has it below counter top height so there was no reason to keep it given the weight and thermal penalties.

2005 Sprinter Westfalia ... currently undergoing a complete refitting
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