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Default Re: Facebook Groups vs. Forums

Originally Posted by OrioN View Post
I am an active member of the FB Sprinter group.

For me it's not which is better, or one or the other mentality. I see its merits, so that makes it worthy.

One of it's merits is that it is closely moderated and with tighter reigns. It is much more civil, and many of our infamous 'obnoxious' or 'flming' users here would fall under a 5 & 5 rule.... 5 days or 5 posts, which ever comes first, before they get banned.

Geez, the pot is calling the kettle black. Thank you for taking away our privilege to lock threads, by being a coward and taking cheap shots then locking the thread so no one could dispute your insult.

Thank OrioN that we can't lock our own threads any more.
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