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Default Re: Facebook Groups vs. Forums

Originally Posted by alexk243 View Post
Has anyone else noticed that facebook groups are taking on a lot of the roles that forums use to? I am in a few groups on FB and I see more and more maintenance questions and build questions on there, which is fine and people are very quick to respond, but I find that there is a real lack of follow up or possible no response from the original poster.

For example, on here someone may ask about the best way to make a shower in a camper van and there will be a lot of responses and the person will continue to ask questions and hopefully they conclude with how the finished their project and what option they went with. On facebook I feel that someone will post something like "show me your best shower ideas for camper vans" and you will get a ton of people posting how they did their shower, but the original poster never responds, doesn't ask questions, and doesn't follow up with what they went with.

Lastly there isn't a great search function... On here if I want to research what insulation I want to use I can spend hours.. even days, reading other peoples post who have dealt with the same issue and learn almost everything there is to know about it, but on facebook every time someone wants to know about insulation a new post is made and everyone makes the same comments again.

Maybe I am just making all this up haha, but I wanted to see if anyone else noticed or felt that way. I really enjoy forums and don't want to see that traffic move to a closed group with a lack of information retention like facebook.
To a certain extent I agree.
Its fairly clear that the younger generation use social media much more than other generation have done!
To date and indications are that its growing in all aspects including businesses what want to attract customers. & future recruitment, staffing, etc. though the multi platform nature of social media.
My own business(s) have used a company that tracks all medic activity over each quarter for several years now. Overall the cost has been well worth it, since it shows treads, on line activity feed back etc etc.
Traditional "on line" & phone activity has certainly been static and basically following seasonal trends. In fact it ("Facebook") has far exceeded Indeed and recruiting expectations.
The social media side has ballooned this year with astonishing figures.
I do have a daughter in the office that tracks all this and posts job positions amongst other things , some being autos social.
We are about to launch more content in that area of Hybrid and Electric cars, since that sector is becoming more prominent with more choices in the market place .
Strangely having used again traditional methods of recruitment I located a much better pool of potential young auto tech candidates than I would have expected.

So to sum up I thing it potentially has the "power" to reach more people than just a friends/family group chit chat platform. Certainly its good for those it would seem that don't care to contribute to social media and its content such as this one.
The whole world is going through some seismic shifts this is just one embrace it
Good post opening post/topic, well done!
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