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Default Re: 3D Printed houses

There is potential for the process in construction, but it will be a long time coming. And the idea that it will be a low-cost process is deceptive.

Building a rectilinear house via 3D printing doesn't take advantage of the biggest benefit of the process: it decouples complexity from cost. A simple shape and a complex shape requiring the same amount of material can be made for nearly the same cost. This is not true for just about any other manufacturing process.

We are very used to having rectangular rooms with square corners. Not only does 3D printing allow rounded corners and irregular shapes, you can usually build a shape with radiused corners faster. There's no reason the walls have to be straight. But you are still going to have to put a roof on it, put windows in it, plumbing, HVAC and electric.

I think "hybrid" construction is most likely to hit the real world first, with a room or two built this way to provide an ornamental element, conform to terrain, etc.
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