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Default Re: 3D Printed houses

Originally Posted by ECU View Post
I don't see where it would put anyone out of business. It just builds the walls. I had a crew of three guys build that much of the house in one day as well.
They still need to add the roof, utilities, flooring and such.
And don't forget those city inspectors. "This wall is .0025 inch off of spec. You'll have to tear it all down and start over."
Around here, building inspectors must be bribed to go soft and easy on large home developments. I suspect, many government inspectors must never leave their vehicle's.

The HVAC ducting on our former tract home leaked 25%. Air didn't flow from some vents. The problem was so bad, Commiefornia passed a state law requiring duct HERS testing.

HVAC contractors pay employees piece meal or so much per house. As a result, quality became secondary to productivity.

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