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Default Rear Door Bumper Replacement

One of my rear door magnetic door bumpers rusted, causing the bumper to split and fall apart.

So I ordered a replacement. 05104370AA NOTE that the part bag does NOT come with the underlying gasket nor screws.

You would think that the two screws (3 mm Allens) would come right out. But not so. The splitting magnets put a torque on the screws such that they will not easily turn - threatening to strip out the Allen wrenches. So I used a hacksaw blade to cut the plastic. I used the new bumper to figure out where to cut.

But here is the tricky part. As with other mounts on the Sprinter (think strike latch on the sliding door), the mounting plate is located inside the door's casing - but free floating. If you take out both screws at the same time, the plate will fall into the casing never to be found again. Two pictures above shows one of the screws removed and you can see the mounting plate inside the door casing.

Mount one side of the new bumper before taking out the second screw.

Then remove the 2nd screw and finish mounting the new bumper.

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