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Default Re: Pleasureway Excell oversteering problem

Pleasure-Way Excel is on a Ford platform. Pleasure-Way makes 2 sprinter based models: Ascent and Plateau.

To answer your question, Rider/Writer, no it's not normal to have this problem. Your unit should be able to go 65-70 mph comfortably. Call your PW dealer for direction to a Ford dealer to handle such a problem. Is your PW dealer McMahon's in Irvine? If that doesn't work call Pleasure-Way for assistance with Ford. You should be still under warranty for the Ford. There was some discussion on the Yahoo Pleasure-Way owners forum site about the tires on Fords having very soft side walls, replacement tires with stiffer side walls handling better. Also fewer blow-outs. To join the Yahoo PW owners forum site, go to Yahoo Pleasure-Way owners group, and apply for membership with your vin #. I think there is more information on joining on the Pleasure-Way website. Hope this helps.

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