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Default Re: Pleasureway Excell oversteering problem

Yikes, am I in trouble from reading these posts. Something we never do, we got talked into purchasing a 2011 Excel Pleasure Way without doing research or a test drive....I know stupid.

In any case, it is now ours and in six months I have only been able to drive it twice because of other problems that needed to be addressed. I only recently drove it for an hour up the coast and was sweating from trying to keep it on the road. There is no way I can let my husband drive it as he is not a good driver.
I took it back to the Ford dealer who in essence told me they could not find anything wrong with it. I finally sent a man in and he made them go out and drive with the vehicle. Finally, they admitted something is wrong and they would see what they can do.

Am I stuck with a lemon? I drive alone often and at this point I am afraid to drive this van.

Has anything new been done to resolve this? Is it a PW or a Ford issue?
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