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Default Re: Airbag bottle rattle

Originally Posted by Sockeye770 View Post
No, but the SRS light came on a week ago.
A quick search found
"The SRS light is a warning light for your supplemental restraint system (airbags). An SRS light means that there is a problem in the system. The first thing I would check is the fuse for the SRS unit. The only way to check this is with a scan tool of some sort."

"Mercedes SRS light on. In the majority of cases when the SRS light is on on your Mercedes, the fault is associated to the passenger seat pad. In the passenger seat there is an electronic pad that sensors whether the seat is occupied and therefore switches the passenger air bag on or off."

Maybe a close passenger seat connector inspection will find your gremlin. Does it go off with a seatbelted passenger.

The following site also gives some good insight;
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