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Default Re: Tire treat wear - KO2's?

No KO2 experience, but given they seem to be a super common sprinter tire choice, I would anticipate you should get long-term wear responses.

I don't know about the KO2 tire compounds, but experience with various types of tires has showed me that tire wear usually isn't mileage linear and that they tend to wear more initially (first 20k than second or third 20k).

AK trip - awesome (double clicked into thread when I read that), what were road conditions to/from and while you were there? Highway pressures or aired down a bit for gravel or unimproved roads? Expect that would factor into your wear experience as well.

For reference... wear on Goodyear Duratracs have been excellent relative to stock all-season & all-terrain tires on various vehicles we've owned.
I haven't been diligent with regular rotations (probably about once a year; 3-5 times maybe 12-17k; I have discount tire records, but just don't recall since I'm not on regular rotation schedule with this vehicle).
Stock size 245/75R16 on 2015 170HR 2wd 4cyl passenger / gear hauler so not heavy as fully converted camper; 4+ yrs; 63k+mi current depth 8/32nd F and 6/32nd R. Probably 75% interstate mileage.
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