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Default Tire treat wear - KO2's?

Hi all,

I got new BG Goodrich K02's installed on my van at ~3,500 miles.

The van was driven to and from Alaska this summer and now, 6 months later, I have 20,000 miles on the van. I did not rotate the tires until about 18,000 miles.

Today I took a closer look at the front tires (which had been the rear tires for about 15,000 miles) and noticed they are significantly more worn than the rears. Not sure the exact amount but I'd say at least 2/32nd's more than the rears.

The van weights a lot, about 9,400 lbs, 5,200 of which is in the rear.

Is this sort of wear to be expected based on how much I weigh and the number of miles driven without a rotation?

The tires have a 50,000 miles guarantee but I'm not exactly sure what that means! Has anyone been in a similar situation?
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