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Default Re: Espar Heater Continued - Diagnostics Adapter

Hi OneManVan, yes, i had the connector (under the seat) unhitched to access the yellow lead so the grey was also disconnected. I also performed the same jumping routine from the connector at the heater box, so the entire connector had been opened up to access the terminals, so again w/ that method, grey was disconnected.

Thanks for tips OldWest, I'm going to visit Thermo King tomorrow am, but don't have much hope since i spoke with tech there today and they only work on Espar units that are tied into another A/C system and is controlled w/ another controller interface, so not sure diagnostics will be compatible. I was surprised to hear that our unit (stand alone D4 unit) is such an unknown entity in the trucking world, but maybe that's just down here in texas where no one is looking for a heater much. we pay much more attention to A/C!
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