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Default Re: Espar Heater Continued - Diagnostics Adapter

Having trouble w/ my espar airtronic. (Grrr)
1. changed to high elevation pump in Apr '14. Worked fine, never tested in high elevation yet.
2. exercised it ~4 times since then, successfully
3. tried it a week ago and it did not respond, not start, no nothing.
4. checked power - good
5. performed controller bypass troubleshooting technique of jumping power to yellow wire - no nothing.
6. i suspect there may be an ECU lockout going on.
7. I don't have a digi-controller to read codes or reset.
8. No dealer or service outlet found in central texas

Does anyone have a digi-controller and adapter harness to use on our configuration that they would be willing to mail to me? Will compensate you and return it.
My alternative now is to buy the digi-controller (quoted at $280 by Greg at Lubrication Specialists, ouch!) but he no longer has or makes the adapter harness. So would still be unable to read codes or reset.

Any ideas?

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