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Just back from Baja 1-1-18. Driving a 2016 4x4.

At current, ultra low sulphur (ultra bajo) is available south to Villa Jesus y Maria. Just north of Guerrero Negro.

As stated above, most fuel in Baja Norte comes from the US. In Baja Sur, It's sourced from mainland Mex.

South to Cabo is only low sulphur. I have anecdotal reports of running that with no problems.
I however, took 25 gallons with me from VJM. I mixed 50/50 while south of there.

No problems at all.

All other reports of US spec vehicles having any issues come from extended low speed, low temp operation. (poking around town, sitting in traffic, etc.)

For extended trips, take your own DEF. I saw none for sale in Mex.
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