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Default Re: Dome light trouble shooting?

Originally Posted by sparkplug View Post
Hmm - that's frustrating.

Do you have access to another dome light which you know is working (or another Sprinter / Crafter you can try installing your dome light into)?

That would confirm if the fault is in the dome light itself or in the connection to it.

I would offer to post you mine - but I suspect the postage costs to send it to Finland and back to the UK would make it impractical.
Its a brand-new OEM light mate, purchased it in the hope it would work correct, but it does exactly the same as it did with the original one.

Originally Posted by Burkilimo View Post
Spray a healthy dose of wd40 into the driver side lock and then use compressed air to blow it all out. That makes the door sensor work sometimes
I will go and try this right now on both front doors, I have both on hand, compressed air, and WD, so will report back.
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