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Default Re: 2019 models: 3.5 Ecoboost, 3.2 Powerstroke I5 or Mercedes 3.0 V6

Originally Posted by Trick View Post
2001 F150, tranny went at 70k. 2004 grand am, lemon law before 80k, 2007 saturn aura, transmission and head gasket before 100k. 2014 Sonata, transmission at 60k. 2002 Chevy express, engine went before 150k, 2018 buick encore, engine bearing? at under 40k.

Lucky most of these have been covered under warranty, but imo vehicles are built like **** nowadays.
Some people are just "unlucky"
Many years ago I worked with someone, the company accident book was his daily diary. Complete with blood stains
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