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Default Re: 2017 MB SPRINTER 144 CAMPER CONVERSION FOR SALE! - Rio de Janeiro - $59k

Originally Posted by Kauluwela View Post
Love the van, wish I was in a position to buy it and push back north!

That said, I do have one question. There has been debate around the availability of ULSD in different parts of Mex and Central America and DPF/DEF issues that go along with that.

Perhaps a different conversation on a different thread, but curious about your experience with ULSD availability?
Yeah, I toyed with the idea of a DPF delete, but by the time the dust would settle, I'd be paying more for the delete than for repair costs IF I ran into issues down the road, and I wouldn't be able to sell it in a state which inspects. So it became a non-starter after reading other's accounts of having no problems.

All PEMEX stations in Mexico only sell ULSD 15ppm (so claims their website)

There are a bunch of PUMA stations in Guatemala which sell a product called IONDiesel which is 50ppm. (again info from their website)

Then it's pretty hairy until Chile/Argentina which sell 10ppm Diesel and DEF. Can't say for sure what the sulphur contents were between.

We used more DEF in Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, & Peru. Something like 1gal/1000miles. In Chile & Argentina we're using less DEF than we used in N. America.

We had less than 15k miles driven with mixed sulphur content diesel. We had zero technical issues, we simply used more DEF and we were prepared for that.

We bought about 15gallons of DEF in Texas to keep in the back and we've still got some in reserve. They sell it at gas stations where we are now in containers or at the pump.

I hope that anecdotal data point helps :)
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