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Default Re: Warranty dispute NOx sensors? 2012

Originally Posted by elemental View Post
Trying to be exact, not pedantic; I am not a lawyer and I try to avoid legal battles as much as possible as the outcomes are generally uncertain. Please forgive me if you already know this and were just using shorth

My interest in your experience is related to the fact that my 2017 has its 4th Check Engine Light illumination for the DPF system with about 12k miles on the odometer. The differential pressure sensor has been replaced twice (so I'm on the 3rd sensor). Either the quality of the sensors is low, or else there is something else wrong with the system that is being blamed on bad sensors but is more obscure. The codes that were present indicate that the performance of the system is questionable; it was suggested to me by one dealer that I wasn't driving the vehicle for long enough durations. However, three of the four times the light has illuminated I was in the middle of 60-75 MPH highway journeys over hundreds/thousands of miles, so the DPF regens had optimal conditions and performance should not have been a problem.

I'm getting ready to request a more thorough examination of the vehicle systems than the dealerships (I have been to two of them in my area) seem willing to do on their own. I'm going to contact MB USA first to see their perspective on the matter since ultimately they are on the hook.
The whole post as Very good info:
Your second to last paragraph many states qualifies for Lemon law, mediation, buyback etc. multiple repairs, documented, low mileage, under warranty, newer vehilce.
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