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Default Re: Warranty dispute NOx sensors? 2012

Originally Posted by showkey View Post
I will take the other side of small claims. If your claim meets the parameters and you feel right.......go for it. But show up with the documentation and be organized and precise.
In most locations they can NOT move the case up in the courts.
MB can NOT sent a high priced attorney to small claims. If they decide to show up they will send the “factory service rep.”

By the way if you read the forum.........your not the first to claim inconsistency in warranty administration. There are dozens of threads on the topic several with small claims actions..........with very positive results for the owner.
Having been involved in two acts of litigation as plaintiffs attorney (technical support witness) I have to state that my experiences show the reverse of what you state Mr Showkey. MB USA has a tried and proven attorney postures in place . Few outcomes are positive even on this forum.

Mr Heald if having read Jarndyce versus Jarndyce, I would seriously suggest you consult an attorney FAMILIAR with warranty clauses and breaches of contract preferably engaged in the motor vehicle business before jumping into that affray.
It will cost you about $250
Prudence errs an the side of caution!

None of us are attorneys at law on this forum or at least none has revealed that fact.
Best advise from someone with litigation EXPERIENCE WITH MB USA attorneys !
Proceed with caution .
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