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Paper studying just a bit more on wikipedia:

- The primary toxin in fire ant venom is Solenopsin

This is a nominal C17 based organic with a ring structure and tail.

In some ways, not so different than diesel fuel if we assume that it can be nominally assumed to be cetane which is C16 based:

If a person didn't have any more information to go on than this, a first order speculation would be that a solvent that works on diesel fuel would be a potential candidate for rinsing away fire ant venom.

The value of this speculation is that a person could experiment relatively easily with diesel fuel and various solvents to do some quick and dirty testing if any of them might be useful or not.

Also - since Solenopsin is an alkaline organic compound, mild organic acids might be useful in helping to neutralize the effect of the bite. Example vinegar.

Again - just speculation on my part.

Maybe we should open a fire ant thread?
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