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Default Re: Green Diesel Engineering Review: Bad

Originally Posted by ecowhale View Post
They have caller ID and do not answer the phone to earn business. What I mean is they want an easy sale. If you start asking questions about their product for pre-sales purpose such as a call back for a question, they know you are calling them again based on caller ID and refuse to answer. They don't return messages.

Their product is way over priced. They need a competitor! Their product is merely software in an OBD device worth around $150 and maybe an hour of personal attention worth around $100, but they charge $700 for both (unethically advertised as $695 odd pricing to deceive you). They are greedy capitalists who only care about making easy money and don't care to make the world a better place.

If you use their product, your vehicle won't pass many state's smog / emissions testing.
I would be reluctant to use such a product on my vehicle. My vehicle runs fine and when it doesn't, I will investigate why using various resources such as, among others, the collective wisdom of this forum.

Everyone's circumstances and financial resources very, late model sprinters are expensive to own and maintain. There exists two options, Pay others the long dollars for repairs or learn how to perform many repairs yourself. If you decide the latter, start studying because there's a lot to know and figure on buying a clone.
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