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Default Re: Looking for info on good NW Washington Dealer Repair or independent mechanic

Dick (autostaretx) has written about having had positive service experiences with Lynnwood Dodge, a dozen or so miles north of Seattle,
The bad news is that Jack Carrol's Lynnwood Dodge no longer exists under that name (due to the Dodge dealer shrinkage).
Service was delegated to Town and Country Chrysler/Jeep/(dodge) near 140th on Aurora in North Seattle.
I have not sought service since the Dodge meltdown, so i can't speak from personal experience
(well, i tried to buy some of the "power distribution block" fuses from T&C's parts department.. They had one of the 3 sizes i sought)

But... directly across the street from the old Lynnwood Dodge is this area's MB Sprinter Dealer!
Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood
20515 Highway 99
Lynnwood, WA 98046
Phone:(425) 673-0505

Up in Mt. Vernon is "Valley Freightliner" .. which used to be a Spinter dealer until mid-2005.
Their parts-running vans are Sprinters, and i've just never had a loose minute to drop in to find out where -they- get them serviced...

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