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I assume the OP refers to the big powered skylight, not the small one in the bath. Off all the roof penetrations the big skylight is the least likely to be the source the leak because of the raised contour of the high top for the skylight - if memory serves. One often ovelooked potential source of leak is the cable entry of the rooftop AC. The two thick DC cables pass though two holes of the fiberglass top into the AC plastic tray. There are two rubber grommets to protect the cable from chaffing damage, not for water seal. What prevent the water from getting in is the raised feature of the AC bottom tray, and the top cover operating like an umbrella directing the rain water from dripping directly onto the holes. If there are debris accumulated inside the bottom tray, it is possible to create a puddle inside and with the water run over the bank. I at one time have water dripping profusely from the AC vent overhead cabinet at the passenger side. I open the AC cover and removed the organic debris and that fixed it. At the time, I didn't notice the two cable entry holes.

here is the photo:
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