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Check the threads on the Westfest in Colorado during Labor Day Weekend. Can reserve a campsite at the nearby campground to be on safe side, and then see if group camp will allow doubling up of campers.

No leaks here, but thinking aloud.

1. Unlikely to have leak between dome and frame as dome overlaps frame.

2. Frame and fiberglass roof. Frame sits on a raised fiberglass integrated step. Could put a bead of sealant around frame to fiberglass top. Lexel is easy to use (soapy water).

If really want to go overboard and don't mind ugliness, can use Eternabond tape to tape over the skylight frame and fiberglass top--totally covering the joint. Ugly (and the Eternabond vinyl cover can sometimes become separate from the sticky butyl adhesive).

3. Cracks in dome. Check dome carefully for cracks, especially near the hinges. Water could penetrate through dome to frame. Apparently, other RV owners with Heki skylights have complained about damage near the hinges.

Also, check the areas of the domes where the side supports for arms are located.

4. Cracks in frame. Check carefully for any cracks in the frame.

Disassembly. You can remove the little perforated covers where the skylight interior frame is (they snap in and out). That might give you a better look at where the water is leaking.

Please post whatever you discover for future reference.

As far as cracks in dome, could just use an adhesive type of paint to paint dome (especially if you're in a hot climate). I was thinking about using Plasti-Dip in solid white to keep interior cooler.
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