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Default Re: Immobilizer Bypass

I have had difficulty in getting spare keys made. This is the issue not with the remote lock entry, but with the key heads that have the rfid chip - which is the immobilizer system. I can get plain keys cut locally, inexpensively.

So, to bypass the system, I dedicated one of my two existing remote fob keys. I have tywrapped it securely in place to act as a permanent rfid chip responder. I removed the circular 'antenna' coil around the ignition switch, inserted and secured an open fob key as pictured, and stowed both in the dash. (this is one of the workaround methods that some remote start systems use)

Now, I can use a plain key and have lots of spares!. If all else fails, I can retrieve the stored key (as in lost key -locked out and AAA access.

Now my second step will be to add a hidden ignition cutout, so I can leave a key permanently in the ignition......and turn it on for valet use. I will also replace the remote entry with an aftermarket and better long distance and multicar useable 'remote' lock/entry system.

BTW - my sprinter started as a cargo van, and has a complicated door lock control for delivery use. The locks have been a hassle from the beginning. This task above is simply to allow use of inexpensive keys - or trying to get the Dodge dealers to understand how to add a key/avoid the $85 to $275 cost of getting a blank ordered from them, getting them to cut it, getting them to use the DRBII to program an added key, ###&%#@%$%<etc. Like the radio security codes, this all seems a bit over the top - perhaps due to European statutory regs. KISS.
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