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Default Re: Placed our order for 2014 Era - can't wait!

Sailquik, I will look you up once I get the VIN number. Terry, we ordered our 70A on November 1, have not received the VIN yet, but hope to soon. Currently looking at early January for delivery. When you pick up your 70A, Terry, POST SOME PICS!! I'm really anxious to see how the new chassis looks. Bobojay, thanks for the info. I haven't forgotten your offer to meet up, just been hectic with Thanksgiving coming and my better half preparing for her (well deserved) retirement. I believe your comment regarding the screen door applies equally to the 70A, hopefully, Terry will confirm this as soon as he get's his 70A tomorrow. Going back to your suggestions regarding the converter plugs et. al. I was at Walmart this evening and looking at their stuff, they had various Campco brand 30-50AMP and 15/30 AMP adapters. I recall they looked alot like the surge protector you mentioned (i.e. a plug, about 6" cable, and another plug). So you are saying the 15/30 converter plug would be female on the 30amp side and male on the 15 map side? as for the 30/50amp converter, the 50amp side is male and the 30amp side is female, correct? (i.e. the 30amp end is always female and the "other" end is male, right?) Another thing I noticed at walmart were these inline water filters... I'm guessing these would be good things to have as well? (yes, I am really a newbie on this stuff)... Thanks for the input... keep it coming!!
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