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Default Re: Power Window Fail

I used the $4 shower door roller from Home Depot trick. I had to shave the roller plastic down to almost the metal. I tried various parts hoping to get to onemanvan's solution, but couldn't find the parts locally while rushing before our last trip. The shower door roller works well, although with all the plastic shaved off I don't have high confidence in longevity. At least I know how to fix it if it fails again.

Maybe before our big winter trip I will remember to stock up on the parts mentioned above just in case. Since this problem happens with no warning, and the plastic piece that breaks is now at a certain weakness with age on our Westies, keeping a set of the suggested parts on hand as spares is a good idea. FYI for those whose window falls into the door and need an emergency fix (eg, at night in cold rain), you can take the door panel off to retrieve the glass in about 5 minutes, then use tape over the frame to keep the window up in the track while awaiting the fix.
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