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Default Re: CALIFORNIA WARNING--Do Not Clear Codes

BTW - the same is true of gasoline engines as well. If you have a check engine light and get that fixed and the codes cleared, you will need to drive the car for a bit before the car will be ready for a smog check in CA.

There's no specific mileage you need to drive. There are various parameters that need to be met. I don't know the whole list, but there are a couple of engine stops and starts needed, the engine needs to go from fully cold to fully warmed up a couple of times, and I think there's a speed target you have to get over at least once or twice. (Yes, it would be a very legal speed - something like 30 or 40 MPH.)

That can be accomplished without driving too many miles. I'm sure the shops that say 300 miles just want to make absolutely sure you drive enough to reset things before attempting a test.

I just had some work done on a non-Sprinter car in my household fleet for a check engine light. I mentioned to my usual mechanic that I was doing this to be able to get my bi-annual smog check. He mentioned the same need to drive it a bit before getting the test, which I already knew. He even offered to give the car a quick scan after I'd driven it for a few days to make sure it was ready for a smog check and didn't have anything else pop up.

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