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Originally Posted by Bobnoxious View Post
There's an X Gauge "EUP", i.e. Exhaust temperature upstream of DPF. That is what alerted me to a regeneration. I could not get X gauge "Regn" (on/off ) to function.

My experience, interrupting a regeneration three times will throw a CEL and log code P2459. It can take 100+ Highway miles for the CEL to clear and 40 key cycles for the code to clear.
I just checked both the X-Gauge coding sheets I have ("2014+ Mercedes Sprinter 3.0L Diesel" and "2015 Sprinter 3500 Chassis") - there's some differences in the naming convention of the various X-Gauges, and I now understand I'll need to redo them. I used the "2015" coding sheet from the iRV2 forum discussion including comments by GChapell and James DeLong, downloaded to enter my custom gauges, and the 2014+ sheet has the same codings mentioned, but with different identification names. Neither has the "EUP" XGauge identifier included, but both have the "DPF" identifier used for the Exhaust Temp Upstream of Particulate Filter, that you mention.
Both sheets have the XGauge "DPF" identifier used for 2 different codings. I recall at the time, I think I used the coding for the particulate filter load %, instead of the coding for the upstream exhaust temperature from the filter "EUP". I never bothered to follow up on it because the "RGN" and "DST" XGauges both worked for me. Now they don't seem to work. I recently had a recall ECU flashing done at the dealer # 2018010004. I wonder if that porked some of my XGauges? My 3 temperature XGauges TfT, fWT, and EOT still seem to work.
- Which version of the Sprinter XGauges codings did you use? My DST and RGN gauges did work for a while.
- Is there a newer definitive XGauges for 2014-present Sprinter 3.0L 3500 chassis?
- As stated, I've never had any CEL codes thrown for anything to do with the DPF/REGEN process. At least that I've noticed in 21,000 miles of driving.

- Just checked Linear Logic's Scangauge II Xgauges and they've changed. They're now listed as 2011+ Mercedes Sprinter 3.0L Diesel. On their "new" list of Xgauges, your "EUP" gauge is listed as "DPF". On the 2015 list I have from iRV2, particulate filter load is listed as "DPF" and on the LLSGII "new" list it's "PFL". WTF?
Seems we have some inconsistencies of Xgauge Identifier names across the various flavors of coding sheets/locations.
I guess I'll try to recode some of the ones that aren't working, to see if that corrects them, and will rename the ones I have with duplicate names to unique names of my personal preference, when coding them. I'll probably use the LL Scangauge II 2011+ list names, as my base list.
Oh my....
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