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I asked because my SGII hasn't detected a DPF Regen for thousands of miles, as indicated by my "DST" X-Gauge. Likewise, I typically monitor "DPF" (Regen on/off), and oil/water/transmission fluid temps, and last year when driving (when it was still almost brand new) I'd occasionally catch a regen in progress while sailing down the freeways, and noted the elevated temps of the oil and water corresponding in part, I suspected, to the increased exhaust temps required to do the regens. Now I rarely see those temps any more, whether the DPF Regen on/off X-Gauge tells me there's one in progress or not. It hasn't seen a regen since last year sometime and maybe 10,000 + miles of travel. I'll also say (knock on wood) that I haven't seen any fault codes or CELs on this thing, except one to do with excessive curb roll very early on. It was an ESP error code or something that cleared on it's own. It still drives like it did when we first got it, performance-wise.
So, does the dpf regeneration happen while I'm driving, primarily on the highway at 65mph (average)? My Sprinter based Navion doesn't see much lengthy idling, nor city driving, it's almost all highway driving when we're on our way to wherever for a vacation.
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