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Default Re: Expect a few changes with the big boys

Originally Posted by lindenengineering View Post
On that scoop sorry but Ford can't compete in that small car Euro market.
The biggest Ford factories in Europe USED to be in Germany and UK.
Basically the same a GM with Vauxhaul/Opel line.

Stiff competition has reduced these makes to mere shadows of their former self in both brands Chrysler left its remnants in the early 80's in Coventry.
GM has just about gone.
Ford still uses the Dagenham Works for diesel engine production only.

Ford in the 1980's enjoyed around 45% of the UK market, but that is just a memory, its been on the skids for years, in fact decades .
After all Ford USA has just about eliminated it car line for the USA in 2019 so its in line with car platform contraction using ICE engines worldwide.
Still plenty of choice for Euro consumers though , I bet Ford won't even be missed.

In reality this move to electric cars is going to eliminate many of the old Fossil Famous names including my pet brands JLR. Great repair money spinners those!
Ford Chrysler and GM are really in the firing line as Chinese production ramps up in the coming decades by brand relocation..
You can kind of see it already.

Ford and GM essentially exiting the sedan business.

VW and others making massive investment into China battery factories, even if the cars at assembled in NA or the EU.

Potentially the greatest shift of assets and ongoing massive trade deficit problems ever.
Power systems for conversion vans and emergency preparedness.
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