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Default Re: Expect a few changes with the big boys

Originally Posted by glasseye View Post
So, once vehicles' AIs can communicate with each other, they can cooperate to avoid accidents. What a concept.
Sort of. The real concept behind this is to increase highway packing density.

In other words, the vehicles will be operated with very little space in front of and behind them so that more cars can be on the road at the same time. This partly makes up for poor planning on the part of people in charge of road transportation.

When a person drives, through a combination of instinct and training, we tend to leave enough distance between cars so that we can react to changing traffic conditions.

In these high density approaches, this spacing distance will be very small - far too small for a person to react if something goes wrong.

Think about the experience - going 70 mph with 1/2 of a car length in front of you and everyone else. Sort of like a roller coaster ride. If the car automation goes out, it turns the controls back to you to "figure it out".
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