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Originally Posted by bajaguy View Post

Here is a link I found with an Excel sheet provided by Pemex March this year on which stations have ULSD. You can open the Excel sheet and cross reference it with Pemex's station locator. Did some spot checking and like discussed earlier even the Pemex list confirms there is no ULSD in Baja Sur.

The station at Villa De Jesus Maria was thought to be the last station with ULSD but it looks like the station right before the Baja Norte/sur border just before Guerro Nuegro is ULSD as well. I just came back from a trip down to Loreto and brought 15 gallons with me so did not need to fill back up till I made my way back north and filled up at Villa de Jesus Maria. No issues this trip. Van ran great.

Pemex is saying all stations by December 2018 will be ULSD. On the excel list as well are plenty of stations on mainland Mexico that have ULSD.
Bajaguy, thanks for this information. Is there any concrete confirming all Pemex will carry ULSD by 12/08?

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