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Default Re: Inspection tips for buying a used Sprinter T1N

As the T1N models age out replacing an engine may be something under consideration. The NAS aka NAFTA 2001 - 2003 with OM612 5 cylinder engine is different from the NAS aka NAFTA OM647 5 cylinder engine as to fueling and some other differences.

A basic stripped engine swap is possible between those models, but not a direct complete engine drop in.

Some info. Thanks goes to azzm3.

Originally Posted by azzm3 View Post
Yes the injector connectors are the same and are triggered by OM647 ECU with no issues.
Complete fuel rail from OM647 is also transferred over. You change the front plate where the low pressure pump mounts with one from OM647. Also OM647 high pressure pump is used and it does mount up like its suppose to. In simple terms you strip OM612 to block and head leaving injectors in and dress it up with OM647 components wiring,turbo,rail,pump etc. Everything functions like it should with no warning lights and limp modes (I use DRB3 for all diag on T1n). I have driven swaps like these cross country with no issues.

This is a reply to Aqua Puttana
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Some input from Doktor A.

Originally Posted by abittenbinder View Post
It appears you are asking whether a 647 long block (cylinder head included) can be used.

The complication you have is mounting and driving the mechanical feed pump and the 612 high pump.

The 647 intake cam lacks the drive extension for the 612 feed pump and the 647 upper chain ramp plate lacks the opening and threaded mounting holes for the feed pump.

The 647 cylinder heads' bolt pattern for the high pump will not allow mounting of your 612 high pump.

Doktor A
And comments by Dennis Lindenengineering that the lower end is ok.
Originally Posted by lindenengineering View Post
Rule of thumb
Everything above the block is different including the FI equipment .
Originally Posted by lindenengineering View Post
Simply because the HP injection pump aperture in the head is different the older head and some minor chain guide differences. AND the exhaust valves are sized differently
Originally Posted by abittenbinder View Post
A follow up: As your luck would have it, I needed to find my stash of 612 pistons for an engine repair.

My hunch was correct, the 612 piston crowns' valve reliefs are sized for the larger diameter tulip heads of the 612 valves and the 647 valve reliefs are accordingly smaller.

Thus it appears risky to bolt a 612 head onto a 647 short block.

Doktor A
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Another thread discussion of engine swap.

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