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Default Re: All-electric RV Coming to Market

Originally Posted by woundedpig View Post
Pete, yes I did. The word specious refers to a fallacious argument having only the ring of truth. However, what I posted about energy production for electric car usage is true and the reality now and for the foreseeable future. Until the power grid has huge inputs from other, not-yet-ready-for-prime-time technologies, electricity from fossil fuels will continue to charge electric cars. Not everyone's power comes from hydroelectric, nuclear, etc. Only a small fraction comes from wind/solar. Throw in the significant overall impact of extracting the exotic minerals for dense energy battery chemistries, and it is my feeling that electric cars do not have even a neutral impact.
We can disagree on this and it's ok.
I don't disagree with all of what you say above. My response (and the use of the word "specious") referred specifically to the argument that "we currently generate electricity in dirty ways so electric cars are currently pointless" (forgive my caricature of your point). I see that argument as being precisely specious. Nobody really believes that electric cars alone are "green". They are worth building because they solve a part (probably the hardest part) of the problem. They are necessary but not sufficient. Imagine the opposite case: Suppose we were 100% solar but hadn't started on electric cars. In that hypothetical, we would STILL be many years away from clean transportation. I posted my "did you even read..." message because your response seemed to ignore the only point I was trying to make.

BTW: Give credit where credit is due: Tesla does own one of the largest solar installation companies in the world.
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