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Default Re: Turbo surging/cycling

Got an o-ring, it was actually floating loose in the box from my first parts order and I mistook it as an extra o-ring I ordered for something else. Then took the van for an extended test drive on some nearby hills with pretty good speeds (55 - 60 mph). No problems to report, all went well.

Temps stayed around 210 F on the high side while running up the hill for several miles. Then they came back down to about 180 F on the downhill. No boiling over of the coolant, though when it boiled over before the temp gauge was showing around the same temps. Just something to be aware of if anyone else has similar issues I guess, maybe I still had a bad temp sensor.

Bill, not sure if it helps but the o-ring I have is black, flat on the inside and double ridged on the outside. Not at all like the rounded orange or green replacement o-rings I was seeing in my searches and on the replacement hose pictures. An auto parts store nearby had a non-OEM replacement hose that I checked out, it had the same type of o-ring. If you are running a rounded o-ring, perhaps you can find an o-ring like I ended up with.
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