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Default Re: Turbo surging/cycling

Originally Posted by JHays View Post
So yeah, definitely a leak in the upper charge air hose...

Not sure if the replacement hose that I ordered was supposed to have an o-ring included, but it definitely didn't come with one (and I installed it that way like an idiot).

$8 bucks later... should be fixed.
Well the good news is you have replaced so much, should be reliable rig now.
Btw I was going to suggest cracked/perforated intercooler , that would get you the surging as well.
What MWD said is correct you need a scanner that can read (and clear) the modules, there is a scanner section on this forum so check that out.
Live data while driving is very helpful, and should help avoid the “throwing new parts at it syndrome”.
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2005 T1N (NA spec).
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