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Default Re: Green diesel any one?

Same tired old BS.

Originally Posted by boyscout View Post
Well if we want to take the ethics approach... we can go there!!!
I am assuming being of such high ethics that you are aware of and obey all laws of God, man, and nature??? That would be impossible so lets just leave that alone, even though that is the stance you are taking...Impossible.
So, the fact that nobody is perfect excuses deliberate lawbreaking. Sigh...
I wish they would teach introductory ethics in high school.

If we want to go the environmentally responsible approach... then the best way to do such would be to make the vehicle that you are driving last as long as you possibly can. The manufacturing of a vehicle has a larger environmental impact than driving them. Especially if it is an internal combustion engine. Don't get me started on those who foolishly believe anything that is battery operated is GREEN. That one is truly the wool being pulled over the sheep eyes.
This is a "just so" statement provided without evidence (and please don't rush out and do a Google search. I fully realize that you can find support for any old nonsense if you aren't fussy about sources). Choosing to believe any vaguely-plausible assertion that you find convenient will let you justify literally anything. Obtaining and interpreting actual facts is a lot harder. That is why we have government agencies that develop regulations and draft laws. Yes, I know--you think they are all incompetent. Fine, vote them out. But most people believe you should follow the law in the meantime.

If you want to be a scofflaw, I am not going to change your mind, and, I am not trying to. As I said, my posts are addressed to the ignorant, not the irresponsible. But consider having the self-respect to admit what you are doing, rather than making specious, pseudo-scientific, self-serving claims.
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