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Default Re: Green diesel any one?

Originally Posted by CaptnALinTiverton View Post
I not only agree with illegal but as I have previously posted on such threads, although far from an expert, I strongly believe that back yard (or front yard) mechanics do not know more than the Germans engineers with years of knowledge in developing the program. Of course one may argue that corporate control was involved in meeting the emission standards. I saw lots of diesels in my travels who obviously bypassed their systems for performance gains; you can tell by how much black soot they blow out upon acceleration. For those who say that doesn't matter, we all, including your children/grand children if any, are breathing that in each time they show how masculine their right foot is. I don't mean this to be political, just factual.


So when individuals on this site bring home a brand new van and it has error codes related to the DEF system in 3500 miles how do defend these german engineers? The def system has had random unexplainable issues since its inception in 2011, and they (german engineers) still haven't fixed it.
Whats worse is trying to get any help from the american mechanics at the stealerships.

If you personally are against such mods then don't open topics that are clearly aimed at those who are.
I have a very masculine right foot!! Most of the rest of me is pretty whimpy.
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