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Default Re: Oil. Is this the real deal or ?? Major bullet points and concerns

Originally Posted by lindenengineering View Post
Just to add a tail piece on this.
Servicing procedures in our shop generate about 3000 gallons of waste oil per annum.

Having two waste oil burning heaters for both shops we consumes about 2500 gallons of waste oil drains on average over the past ten years.

This last year was very mild by earlier comparisons and we have 835 gallons in excess which we have paid to have disposed of by the methods described in the EPA notelet posted.

If climate change is permanent (which I expect) our forecast is likely to reduce our waste oil heating demands and we will be recycling more waste oil.
To date we have not charged for waste oil tariffs at point of service for customers but we are about to introduce an EPA customary waste oil disposal fee to all serving tasks due to the extreme reduction on our shop heating demands due to climatic trends.
Tail piece? What, like you are the final authority?
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