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Default Re: 118 inch wb HIGH ROOF 2006 for sale in Montreall

Originally Posted by ECU View Post
I thought all 118s were shipped whole to the USofA.
As far as i know, all CARGO (no side windows *and seats* behind the driver) were disassembled/reassembled to avoid the 25% Chicken Tax.

Before the South Carolina facility was opened, they used an (ex-) American LaFrance fire truck assembly building in (i think) Georgia.

Passenger wagons (like mine) landed whole at Jacksonville Florida on a RO-RO (roll-on, roll-off).

The Cargo models arrived in two containers (one body, one engines and running gear) on two separate ships (to meet Chicken Tax restrictions). I forget what port they used (it's in the forum archives... the transition to South Carolina came in mid-2005, i think).

I fondly remember opening the hood of a just-delivered Cargo van at a Seattle dealer's ... the engine compartment was littered with many unused/forgotten screw-type hose clamps.

p.s. Ford's method of "converting" the original Transit Connect on the dock from "passenger" to "cargo" was deemed by Customs as not meeting the rules.... so they had to (back-)pay the 25% duty while it's wending its way through the appeals process. The rule they violated was not creating a "custom" model specifically to avoid the tariff. The minimalist rear seats they used (and removed on the dock) were not used in any other model of the Connect. Bingo.
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