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Default Re: 118 inch wb HIGH ROOF 2006 for sale in Montreall

... that's only us$19,524 (and change) today.

...but: a two liter 5-cylinder??? Shouldn't that be 2.7 liter?

Back in the day (2006), a new Sprinter in Canada (i looked at Parksville, BC) was well over cdn$50K for what would have been a $28K US Sprinter.
The Canadian cargo models were not subject to the US's build, tear-down, ship on two boats, rebuild, sell cycle of US cargo Sprinters.
All Canadian Sprinters were built in Germany and shipped "whole".

2005 T1N 118" Freightliner 2500 Passenger Wagon (2.7L, 15" tires, standard (short) roof) <-- lots of service documentation, Thanks to Jens Moller and Arnie_Oli
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