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Default Re: FOR SALE : 2004 SprinterAirstream Westfalia

Originally Posted by hayduke View Post
Wow.So a 2005 Leisure Travel FreeSpirit LSS 158" with 42000 miles at 37.000 is a good price,eh?
I suppose that is a good price if that is what you want. I'm definitely not a student of that particular brand or model, but suspect you got a great deal. Congrats on that!

However, in all fairness, the Westy is an entirely different concept and represents a very different philosophy in terms of build and utility. About the only things these two vehicles have in common is that they are both campers and they both roll on a Sprinter chassis.

Of course, as Tim points out, relative scarcity and basic market forces will ultimately be big contributors to value. On the used market, the Westy has a pattern of outperforming the more common Class B brands-- possibly because the balance of the brands are more like one another, and collectively create a much larger supply of similar vehicles. This is not to say that they are all the same, or that the quality and features are identical. The balance of the 'Bs' are simply more similar in concept-- horizontal plan layouts, with more or less standard domestic camping components, within the factory Sprinter shape.

For us, the Westy fills a series of unique needs. Sleeps 4, on two separate beds. Seats 5, with the kiddos sitting forward and close to the grown-ups in the front seats. Fits in a standard parking space, allowing us to occasionally use it for errands or commuting. The conversion components and quality are exceptional. The utility of available space is unmatched, partly because the van goes 'vertical', as opposed to spreading out horizontally on a longer chassis with less headroom. Just my ...

Steve, to date, I've purchased two Westys (and sold one of them). Over the years, I've watched many listings come and go, and I know this small market very well. Assuming the van is in great shape, your asking price seems fair, especially during camping season. Good luck!
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