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Default Re: Stuck in the desert - sudden power loss - piston damage

Vanski--Just got autopsy result on my 06 Winnebago View (05 Sprinter T1N)

From Andy Bittenbinder

"cyl. #3 piston has a crack extending almost all the way [around] the outer circumference from pin boss back to pin boss.. A small opening developed at a location on the crown along that crack which allowed the compression in that cylinder to suddenly pressurize the crankcase and expel engine oil out of the dipstick tube.

A single piston with metalurgical or manufacturing flaws? Possible, but certainly not helped by your 'tune'."


I'm sure failure analysis is complicated. This is all I have to go on.

I've learned of two other T1N Winnebago Views that blew engines and also had GDE tune. On top of that, Andy reports two additional low-mileage Views that did the same. I don't know if those were T1N's or not.

I'll probably never know if my $600 tune wound up costing me $11K for a new engine.

But here's the thing--if you go w/ GDE and your engine blows, you may never know either.
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