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Default Re: Orton DIY Transit

Completed multipurpose shower enclosure. Did not want to waste the shower space for only a shower so made it serve multiple functions. No shower door or shower curtain. Portapotti remains in the shower enclosure when showering.

The normal configuration has two hinged/removable shelves, two storage containers and three removable towel rods at the top. Top shelf is at sink counter height so it more than doubles my counter space.

For portapotti use the two storage containers are removed and both shelves are pivoted up against the shower back wall.

To use as an additional seat the two storage containers are removed and the top shelve is pivoted up against the shower back wall.

To use as a shower the three towel rods are removed, the top shelf is removed, the two storage containers are removed and the bottom shelf is removed. The 10' garden hose with a old fashioned radiator fill valve is plugged into the DC pump outlet on top of tank behind the portapotti.

The shower is not like the one at home but you do get clean. First I put a towel down on floor in front of the shower to catch any overspray. Second I kneel down in front of shower and stick my head into shower between the portapotti and the shower wall to do my hair. Third I get in shower to do the rest of the body. Very little water hits the towel because I do not use a spray nozzle but use a full flow water stream to get wet and to rinse off the soap.
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