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Default Re: Removing Wheel Creates Shimmy?

Originally Posted by ptheland View Post
Did you check the simple things, like accidentally knocking of a wheel weight in the initial process of removing and re-installing the wheel?
Ah, yes... the simple things were the root of all this evil!

This issue is now resolved. Glen at Agile called a friend who services fleet vehicles - mostly Freightluners. He reported they have the same problem with aluminum wheels. Their solution? Use tapered lug nuts first! This centers every hole on evety stud and, therefore, centers the hub, as well.

Once tightened, remove one stud at a time and replace with the pretty one - which is flat. Problem was solved in 5 minutes!

Put the Sumos back on - still nice!

So, it came down to a hub-centric wheel which is not a real snug fit on the existing steel hubs. No wheel balancing. No alignment. Just a specific procedure.

Agile then very kindly gave me a bag of tapered lug nuts to keep in the RV.
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