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Default Re: hi/low range 4x4 rant!

I completely agree that in a 4x4 transfer case gear noise normally equates to the gears being loaded, and loaded gears do indeed wear much more quickly.
However, the USA specification 4x4 Sprinters make the same level of transfer case noise with the entire front axle drive system disengaged as when the front axle
drive system is fully engaged and pulling 35%.
I was about to purchase a nice 2015 4x4 144" wheelbase 4x4 Sprinter with the 1.42:1 reduction gear transfer case.
I test drove it at 25-35 mph back road speeds in 4x4 engaged mode, and it did pretty well, climbed up steep berms and slopes on wet
muddy grass, was not noisy at 30-45 mph on hard surface roads....I was about to sign on the dotted line.
I took it out onto the interstate and ran it about 65-75 mph (4ETS system disengaged) and the transfer case noise convinced me that I would have gone nuts
driving that Sprinter, with that level of transfer case gear noise for any length of time.
I spend close to 20 hours per week cruising along in my 2014 I4/7speed Sprinter and I know I could not have been happy with the gear train noise from the
So, I didn't buy it, and I'm still very happy with the 2014 Sprinter and getting ~ 20% better fuel economy than I would have with the OM-642 3.0 liter V6/5 speed 4x4.
I will have a look at some of the 2015 and 2016 USA specification 4x4 data cards and see if I can find the option codes for the 2 variations that are available in the USA.
There are only 2 variations available (due to each configuration having to be tested and approved for emissions and safety by the US EPA and the NHTSA.
#1 Sprinter with OM-642 3.0 liter V6 and 5G-Tronic % speed auto/manual transmission with selectable (engage able/disengage able 4ETS) 4x2 or 4x4.
#2 Sprinter with OM-642 3.0 liter V6 and 5G-Tronic % speed auto/manual transmission with selectable (engage able/disengage able 4ETS) 4x2 or 4x4 with the added 1.42:1
reduction gear transfer case
Either option has the 3 differentials.....front differential at/in the transfer case......rear axle.
Both options are the 4ETS system with no ability to lock any of the differentials.
Option #1 has a simple in or out (engaged or disengaged) transfer case.
Option #2 has the in same in or out (engaged or disengaged) transfer case with the added 1.42:1 reduction gear....also selectable (either engaged or disengaged) for
hi range (no gear reduction) or low range (1.42:1 gear reduction).
Most likely not at all like the Sprinter 4x4 systems you see in AUS/Tassie/NZ.
Hope this helps,
2019 Sprinter 519/907/VS30 series (3500 DRW) 170"/4325 mm wb Hi Top Short Back
OM-642 3.0 liter V6/7G-Tronic, 7 Speed manually shift-able transmission.
Suspension Seats, Active Safety Package +, Parktronic, OEM Hitch/wiring
OEM back up camera, LED light package, fog lamps,
Had 2014 516 OM-651 I4/7G-Tronic|2010 NCV3 519/3500/144|2011 & 2012 NCV3 519/3500 170
2006 T1N 3500/158
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