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Default Re: HELP No Heat

I just got my 5133432-AA Resistor 8035022 for about $35.00.

After reviewing the outline above by gggGary from Wisconsin I went out to change the part. Found the wires and all as he said. I was having a deuce of a time getting my fat fingers in to release the plug when the unit suddenly shifted to my left and became loose. I carefully pulled the still connected resistor assembly out of position and out into the open. There was enough wire that I could now get my fat fingers on the connector and release it no problem. I installed the connector on the resistor assembly, pushed the wires back a bit, put the resistor back into place and then shoved it over to my right to lock it into place. All done in about 5 minutes. I now have fan speeds.

My failed resistor unit shows many cracks in the ceramic. I suspect it has corroded wires similar to the one that was dissected in the previous reply. For as easy as it is to change out I'll not be bothering to do much investigating. Hope this helps. vic
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