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Default Re: Espar Airtronic Digital Controller 4sale

I recently purchased one of these - Digi-Max D1000 - for the purpose of trying to isolate a problem with the Airtronic D4S heater in my Westy. I thought it might be more useful and convenient if I mounted it permanently near the cigarette lighter outlet on the side of the kitchen cabinet. That way I could also use it to control the heater from the upper berth. Only after installing it did I learn that it is not fully compatible with our heaters. Apparently Westfalia installed a custom ECU in our heaters...

1) Diagnostic features unavailable - incorrect protocol for D1000
2) Heater control - D1000 can turn the heater on/off - but can't regulate temperature
3) May be capable of clearing error codes and resetting the ECU but I cannot confirm this

For reference:
Model # of my D4S - 25 2293 05 00 00
ECU in my D4S - 22 5101 00 17 02

Heaters do not lock after three times no start faults (need 255 unsuccessful starts to lock).

Here is an excerpt from an email correspondence I had with tech support at Espar:

We found from a list I have that heater model # 25 2293 does not have the diagnostic protocol used by D1000 and has DC ( Daimler Chrysler ) diagnostic protocol instead (still has EDiTH protocol) so unfortunately it is not compatible with D1000. 25 2293 is made for Mercedes and we do not have detailed information.
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