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Default Re: Spookie Number's...

I had the tank made by a local shop that does custom tanks mostly for boats... It Cost just a little over $1200 for everything. It is made of diamond plate and is about 8 feet long... It takes up the entire space under the driver side all the way back to the rear wheel wells... It is about 10 inches tall so it is tucked up under and can't be seen... I was going to go with a 14inch tall design but the tank hung down so much that you would be able to see it from the side... But that size would have given me about 130 gallons of storeage... It is possible to mount another tank in the rear if they remove the spare tire which you would be able to get about another 100 gallons back there also...
You can also do about a 70 gallon tank on the passenger side, but you would need a get another fuel pump and would have to install another filler neck and switch, would have cost me about $2500 for that... To Much Money...
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